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Venue Manager has a wide range of customers with the common denominator being that they are organizers of experiences and entertainment.

These are sports clubs such as AGF and Aalborg Handball; festivals like Løkken Concert and Skive Festival; and attractions like Fårup and Universe Science Park. Common to them all is the need to make ticket purchases, admission and the visit itself a good experience for their guests. Venue Manager has many solutions for these different needs. To make them clear, we have created a catalogue that shows our solutions and products.

We have worked hard to ensure that all systems and products integrate in a 360-degree solution where ticket and season ticket sales, access control, cash registers, mobile apps and data collection are connected. If you do this like AGF, you too can get more spectators, increase merchandise sales, and significantly lower administration costs. Or like Smukfest, you can get simple, efficient ticket management and have all your sales, booking, information, and services in one place. Or as they describe their solution at Fårup: you can go from complex to simple and efficient.

The core is four systems that can be fully integrated with each other - though you can also implement them individually.

  • The Venue Manager platform, which handles ticket sales, season tickets, subscriptions, sponsor / VIP self-service, B2C CRM, statistics, and has an API for integrations and a web shop for merchandise and F&B.
  • Venue Access, which can work with zoning, unit monitoring, rule and time management, and has a management module, an operations dashboard with statistics, and an API for integrations.
  • Venue App, which is adapted to your design, and has information, line-up, e-wallet, push and location-specific messages, as well as back office.
  • The Venue POS cash register system is fast and flexible, with a sleek design and a modern user interface. It has offline mode, split payment, and an integrated payment module.

As a complete solution, it works seamlessly for the guests at your events and attractions. They find it easy to buy a ticket, book seats, get in, find their way around and buy food and merchandise. You find that it is easy to manage, requires less administration, is more secure, and provides time to focus on the actual tasks of creating good experiences and getting more guests.

Read more in the catalogue - here - or contact us. We’re happy to talk about the possibilities.

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