Corona and safety

Managing preventive healthcare requires a well-thought-out flow that starts when the customer buys a ticket or goods, and lasts until after the event or visit. It must be perceived as seamless by the guests, and be easy for the organisers.

Coronavirus and the changing restrictions place great demands on flexibility. A large event may suddenly need to be moved, or the number of spectators limited. The audience may need to be divided into smaller units, and the systems must be able to handle this, both practically and in regard to customers. It will be a long time before we can forget about corona, and new health challenges can quickly emerge. Venue Manager's solutions make it easier for organisers and attractions to live up to the authorities’ requirements and promote safety for guests without spoiling the experience.

Before the visit

When booking tickets, halls, stadiums and attractions can be zoned, so that the audience is divided into smaller areas for a concert or event. For example, museums and attractions can be booked in groups, so the same group of people are guided around the attraction as a single unit, separate from the other guests. Venue Manager's systems can ensure that guests are given information before they arrive, so they know which entrance to use and which zone to stay in. Information can also be sent out about the option of pre-purchases, as well as information about how infection prevention is being handled.

Guests can use the Venue App (designed by the organiser), where they can keep their ticket and gather all purchases, programmes, etc. It is also possible to make advance purchases and orders, so that physical contact at the event itself is minimised.

If an event needs to be changed, our systems can handle it in an easy and clear way. This can include rebookings, where the number of spectators must be changed due to restrictions, or if there are regulations about e.g. empty seats between spectators.

If an event is cancelled, we can of course handle the refund.


It is possible to manage arrival times, so that queues and congestion can be avoided. That way, guests experience an orderly event, and need not be bothered with instructions about queuing, etc.

Access control ensures that guests use the correct entrance to their specified zone. Their ticket will only work for that zone.

Access control utilises terminals and access turnstiles. Access is contact-free with a wristband or app, thus completely avoiding the risk of infection from many guests touching the same surface.

During the visit

We can provide contact-free payment and checkout solutions using cards and wristbands. This avoids physical contact and reduces the need to clean and spray. Physical contact can be further reduced by guests being offered advance purchases and booking before their visit, and by allowing them to use the app to gather all purchases and tickets in one place.

If groups need to move around the site, tickets and zoning can ensure that the group is moved into each zone together.


Hopefully this will not be necessary, but should the need arise for subsequent contact in connection with infection tracing, we can help with that. If, after their visit, a guest in a public area (zone) reports themselves to be infected, the Venue Manager system can easily and simply help contact all other guests in the same area, who need to be informed about the infection.

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