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The FSV Frankfurt football club has been successful in using the Venue App over the past year. The app is important when it comes to contact with fans, even more so during the corona era, where the crowd has been forced to stay at home. This contact is extended through game elements in the app, known as "gamification".

Venue Manager and LeadFamly, specialists in marketing through gamification, have entered into a collaboration that makes it possible to increase engagement with fans in several ways. Frankfurt FSV has put this to good use.

News that the German football club regularly publishes online also appears automatically in the app. However, news can also be sent as push messages via the app, so fans and sponsors immediately know about the latest events at the club. When spectators are able to physically attend matches, the app is also used to sell food and drinks, and the club publishes a special stadium magazine, "FSV Life", in which the next opponent is analysed. The magazine can be read directly in the app, and fans spend an average of 6 minutes reading it.

Marketing channel

For FSV Frankfurt, the app is an important marketing channel for selling both tickets and merchandise. The latter is particularly relevant around holidays and on e.g. Father's Day. Sponsors can have ads in the app and offer e.g. discounts on membership of a local fitness club.

Therefore, it is important to generate traffic to the app, so that it is used a lot. Gamification is a powerful tool for that. Through the Venue App, with the club's design, fans can participate in polls such as "Man of the Match" as well as quizzes.

The head of business development at FSV Frankfurt, Jörn Schmidt, says that they have carried out campaigns in which LeadFamly's gamification software was used.

“The campaigns were not related to a specific product. The coupons were, for example, a 10% discount or free shipping on an order. Some of the coupons have already been redeemed, but I cannot yet say whether sales were higher than normal. A few comparisons are needed”, he says.

At FSV Frankfurt, they have no doubt that gamification also contributes to their fans revisiting the app. The German football club has a "retention rate" (the ability to retain users) for their app that is approx. 30% higher than the average across all of Venue Manager's other customers.

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