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On April 30, Universe Science Park in Als opened for a new season of learning and rides. It was also the premiere of the latest edition of access boxes from Venue Manager and an intelligent queuing system that makes daily life easier for the park; the visit more enjoyable for guests; and ensures compliance with the rules and requirements triggered by Covid-19.

Guests can buy tickets and season tickets from home, and pre-book attractions, such as the popular Segways. Later, more services will be available via advance booking. This is managed via the Venue Manager platform.

At the entrance to the park, Venue Manager has upgraded the turnstiles by mounting intelligent boxes on them. The new boxes, version 2 of Venue Access, manage access control to the park. Each box knows who bought the ticket so that it can recognize the purchase when the guest shows their app or their printed ticket. This is done with a barcode reader without physical contact. All access boxes work independently, so there is no need for central servers. This minimizes maintenance and operations and reduces the risk of crashes.

A digital queuing system has been built on top of the Venue Manager platform and access system. With it, guests can book attractions and be allocated access during a period so that they don’t have to stand in line. This makes it more fun for guests, who can spend time on more fun things than standing in a queue, and it makes it much easier to deal with corona restrictions. Bookings are made via screens located around the park. Of course, a family or a group of friends can book together so that they can have fun and learn together. Since friends, parents, and grandparents often want to watch, it’s also possible to book an observer spot.

- At Universe Science Park, we have entered into an exciting collaboration with a visionary park that is well on its way on the journey towards an integrated digital experience for guests. Our ticket platform, combined with both access control and the newly developed virtual queue management system, will ensure smooth administration and guests will experience a safe environment at the park entrance and at the individual attractions, where the physical queue is minimized, says Peter Richardt, Business Director of Venue Manager.


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