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Although Danes are used to being able to pay for goods and services with their mobile phone, cash is still very widespread in many European countries. Especially in Germany, people are happy with cash payment. Venue Manager has started a collaboration with Bluecode, which is a widespread mobile payment solution in Europe.

In addition to being a standalone app, Bluecode can also be integrated into other apps. This has been tested with the Venue App in connection with the Green Juice festival, and from next season, the mobile payment solution will also be integrated into the Venue App for the football club FSV Frankfurt.

The payment solution behind Bluecode is supported by several European banks, and Bluecode is part of the collaboration between European payment systems, EMPSA, in which Danish MobilePay also participates. Therefore, Bluecode is seen as an alternative to VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Included in the solution are options like creating frequent buyer cards (e.g. every 10th pizza is free) and other types of bonuses that help you increase customer loyalty. At the same time, Bluecode has lower fees than the US alternatives. The payment solution does not work in Denmark yet, but it is coming soon through a collaboration between European banks.

Venue Manager is currently one of the few app providers in the German market that can provide a standard solution that includes Bluecode features. This makes the Venue App even more interesting for clubs and organizers, because you can sell catering via the app, provide advertising space to sponsors, and send personalized push messages.

- Both we and Bluecode expect a lot from this collaboration, because it gives clubs more opportunities while stimulating the push towards mobile payment instead of cash, a development that Covid-19 emphasizes the need for, says Business Director in Venue Manager, Walter Ariesen.

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