New gallop customer

The digitisation of Köln Galopp (Kölner Renn-Verein 1897 eV), a traditional gallop track located in the Weidenpescher Park, is accelerating. Köln Galopp has entered into an agreement with Venue Manager for the Venue Manager system itself, Venue Access and the Venue App.

“With Venue Manager, we will now finally bring the Cologne-Weidenpesch racetrack into the digital age by expanding the digital contact points with our customers. We can therefore ensure a coherent customer journey from buying tickets to participating in the event. The goal should be to make the race day visit as comfortable as possible for the visitor”, says Arne Albrecht, head of CRM and ticketing at Köln Galopp.

100,000 annual visitors already have the opportunity to purchase season tickets via the Venue Manager system, and if coronavirus restrictions prevent the audience from getting into the track area, they can follow the races via livestream in the app.

Arne Albrecht says that once you have arrived at the horse racing track, the new Köln Galopp app is the ideal partner for a day at the races. In addition to buying tickets that can be stored in the app's wallet, users receive all the relevant information about the races such as betting odds, starting gates and race types. They can also see the race programme and food options, which will be incorporated in the next phase. Arne Albrecht notes that Köln Galopp's partners and sponsors are also able to communicate with visitors on race day via the app.

“We are pleased to have found a partner in Venue Manager who, through innovative software, focuses on maximum customer satisfaction before, during and after the event. This is in perfect alignment with our ideas for a perfect race day visit to the horse racing track in Cologne-Weidenpesch”, says Arne Albrecht.

For Venue Manager, this is not just a new customer in Germany, but also a new business area, which is exciting for the company.

“There are many racetracks in Germany and around Europe. With our digital tools, we can help racetracks with tickets and access control, and help them reach their audience in more ways. For example, Köln Galopp would like more families to physically visit the event itself, while at the same time giving betting fans access to the races, even if they cannot get into the track itself. With the Venue Manager system, the two very different target groups can be approached in a very personalised way. For example, families will hear about pony riding, while betting fans get information about streaming times and the horses’ track records”, says Business Director Walter Ariesen from Venue Manager.

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