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Venue Manager has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with international firm Mapp, which is headquartered in California, USA. Mapp specialises in CDP (Customer Data Platform) as a foundation for digital marketing.

Venue Manager already brings together everything on one platform, with ticket sales, season tickets, access control, merchandise and everything else available in a single app. Through the collaboration with Mapp, this can be further expanded with automated customer contact. By drawing on customer data, personalised messages can be sent to the digital touchpoints that Venue Manager's clients share with their guests. These can be push messages in the app or text messages and emails sent out with offers and information.

“Mapp is a very valuable partner and helps us expand our CDP capacity and improve the services we can provide to our customers”, says Business Director Peter Richardt from Venue Manager.

The collaboration is already being put to use with one joint customer. This customer is the Fårup Sommerland amusement park, where the two companies have just started to implement their solution.

“We expect them to be the first of many customers. With the strategic collaboration between Mapp and Venue Manager, we can now view and analyse data touchpoints before, during and after a visit, and we can target the communication and send the right messages through the right channels at just the right time for each customer”, says Peter Richardt.

The collaboration also makes it possible to collect data from all touchpoints on the customer journey and analyse them in one place, so you do not have to use several systems.

Michelle Ellicott-Taylor, Partner Director at Mapp for Great Britain, Ireland and the Nordics, is looking forward to the collaboration: “Through this partnership and by combining data and technology from Venue Manager's platform and Mapp Cloud, we can create a complete overview of the customer journey and deliver a true finely-tuned customer insight based on first-party data. This information is not just gathered, but translated into action in real time”.

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