Sports On Subscription

When the ice hockey players of the Metal League stepped onto the ice on Friday for the four opening matches of the season, it was also the start of a new way of buying tickets for matches.


Although we're all in our home offices right now, there's still lots of high-fives going round — virtually of course! 

Rock Under Broen

When Denmark's largest one-day festival, Rock Under Broen, lets thousands of guests loose under the new Little Belt Bridge, Venue Manager will be part of the event.

FSV Frankfurt (DE)

Venue Manager is proud to announce another exciting collaboration in Germany, as FSV Frankfurt has decided that future communication with their fanbase will be done through the Venue App.

Metal League

When the clubs in Denmark's Premier Ice Hockey League take to the Ice next season, it will be with the support of a joint, comprehensive ticket, merchandise and sponsor platform.

Welcome to England

This week we have signed our first contract with an English customer, JL International. 

New partnership

We have entered a partnership agreement with the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN). 

FDIH E-Com Award

Last week, the annual Danish e-Commerce Awards took place with a spectacular show to the applause and celebrations from quality nominees and winners. 

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