Music in Løkken

Like so many things, this year's Løkken Concert was hit by corona shutdowns and the stadium concert with several bands was cancelled. But that has not stopped the people behind it, the local sports association GVL.

Bus ride included

In Germany, it is very common to use public transport when going to football matches, horse races, or other sporting events. Public transport saves time and hassle in traffic and parking and is also better for the environment. Therefore, transport tickets are often offered for free or at a reduced rate for sporting events.

Intelligent access

On April 30, Universe Science Park in Als opened for a new season of learning and rides. It was also the premiere of the latest edition of access boxes from Venue Manager and an intelligent queuing system that makes daily life easier for the park; the visit more enjoyable for guests; and ensures compliance with the rules and requirements triggered by Covid-19.

Corona and safety

Managing preventive healthcare requires a well-thought-out flow that starts when the customer buys a ticket or goods, and lasts until after the event or visit. It must be perceived as seamless by the guests, and be easy for the organisers.

Fans play in app

The FSV Frankfurt football club has been successful in using the Venue App over the past year. The app is important when it comes to contact with fans, even more so during the corona era, where the crowd has been forced to stay at home. This contact is extended through game elements in the app, known as "gamification".

New gallop customer

The digitisation of Köln Galopp (Kölner Renn-Verein 1897 eV), a traditional gallop track located in the Weidenpescher Park, is accelerating. Köln Galopp has entered into an agreement with Venue Manager for the Venue Manager system itself, Venue Access and the Venue App.

Tech collaboration

Venue Manager has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with international firm Mapp, which is headquartered in California, USA. Mapp specialises in CDP (Customer Data Platform) as a foundation for digital marketing.

Sports On Subscription

When the ice hockey players of the Metal League stepped onto the ice on Friday for the four opening matches of the season, it was also the start of a new way of buying tickets for matches.


Although we're all in our home offices right now, there's still lots of high-fives going round — virtually of course! 

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