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Rock Under Broen

When Denmark's largest one-day festival, Rock Under Broen, lets thousands of guests loose under the new Little Belt Bridge, Venue Manager will be part of the event.

We have started a collaboration with Rock Under Broen, and our first task for the festival's 2020 edition will be to create and implement an "additional purchases shop".

The shop will complement the festival's existing ticketing solution and give guests the opportunity to buy food and drinks in advance, so that they can focus on listening to music rather than standing in a queue on the day of the festival.

The drinks or food purchased in advance can be collected at pickup stalls, where the items are simply scanned and handed out — all in just a few seconds because the payment has already been made.

Furthermore, the additional purchases shop may be used for upgrading existing entrance tickets, if for example, the guest wants to have access to special areas of the festival.

"Rock Under Broen has a lot of creative ideas and initiatives in relation to digitising the festival and thus creating even better conditions and experiences for its guests. Therefore, our clear expectation is that the coming years will offer lots of opportunities to expand the cooperation and create the best possible digital environment, both for the festival and its many guests," says Peter Richardt, Business Director at Venue Manager.

Rock Under Broen (Rock under the bridge) is a music festival in Middelfart that has been held every summer since 1989. This year, the festival will be held on 13 June 2020 and will feature artists like Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Queen Machine, Rasmus Seebach and Nik & Jay.

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