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There are many things that need to fall into place to host an event. Among other things, suddenly in a tent or at a festival site, there must be access control and checkout solutions that work smoothly so that thousands of people can shop in a short time. All without having time to install and test the solutions.

VM POS is experiencing an increasing demand for this. As cash disappears as a means of payment, another solution is needed, which is guaranteed to work.

25 times a year, the people of VM POS go out to set up their mobile solution for events that have chosen to rent a payment setup with boxes, access control, and network. These include festivals such as Rock Under Broen, Sølund Music Festival, and Bork Festival, says Peter Gorm Andersen from VM POS.

The company has several years of experience with festivals, concerts, and sports events around Denmark. The solutions can be used for many types of events and sales. For example, for the sale of fireworks, for which special package solutions have been made.

One of the challenges at festivals and sporting events is that the payment solutions often must be used by volunteers. This makes it essential that the system is easy to operate and only requires a short training.

Peter Gorm Andersen says that there are several solutions you can rent. For larger events, there is an All-Inclusive solution that only requires an internet connection. Then VM POS Event does the rest to network the checkout terminals and set up terminals and provide service along the way, as well as packing everything up afterwards.

But you can also choose a solution where the organizers are responsible for setup and dismantling.

In addition, there are two types of checkout solutions. You can choose a small handheld model, which can be taken around the bar or the event location. Or there is a larger, stationary terminal, which has both a large screen and a smaller one, which faces the buyer.

Interested? Contact: Peter Gorm Andersen at / +45 88773283 / +45 61989890

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