Wehen Wiesbaden

The German football club Wehen Wiesbaden continues to invest in its digitalisation journey. The club has just updated its website with a mobile-friendly design and has also taken the next step by using the Venue App. Wehen Wiesbaden (SVWW) did this to give their fans better service and more dialogue and to be able to offer different kinds of added value.

Venue App was chosen because the app can send push messages to different user segments. For example, a message can be sent to all season card holders. SVWW also extensively uses the voucher module built into the app. It creates a marketplace where sponsors can offer services and goods and fans can easily find them and get great discounts. In this way, a new channel has been created where the club, their fans, and the sponsors can meet.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are also interesting for SVWW. But it's like playing an away game because you can’t control what is going on, for example, which ads are displayed. By using the Venue App, the club in Wiesbaden is more on the digital home turf.

Vouchers for goods and services are stored in the app's wallet. They can be redeemed by a "swipe" when a fan wants to take advantage of an offer, and after a campaign, the sponsors can receive lists of interested fans, which they can then follow up through their own marketing channels.

- The importance of digital marketing has increased a lot, especially during the pandemic. With the voucher function, the fan app offers the club's partners appropriate access and added value for the fans, says Markus Klepzig, Head of Marketing, Sales & Spectator Service at SV Wehen Wiesbaden.

The club found that it was easy to implement the app due to the Venue Apps open API. SVWW has now also started experimenting with gamification in the app.

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The German football club Wehen Wiesbaden continues to invest in its digitalisation journey. The club has just updated it...

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