Optimise the business with a well-thought-out user journey

With Venue Manager, you get a single digital platform for handling tickets, merchandise, sponsors, access control and stall sales.

This makes it easy and fun to be a customer.



The app is the only tool the visitor needs before, during and after their visit. This offers easy access to information & products.



The secured access control ensures an efficient flow of visitors to your venue, even if the network is down. Safe & stable.



The integrated point-of-sale system, Venue POS, allows the visitor to buy food, drinks and merchandise at your venue.



The platform allows the organiser to monitor data from all touchpoints, target actions and personalise communications.


Your visitors can use your own Venue app or webshop to search for information or buy tickets and seasonal passes. They can also buy merchandise as well as food and beverages in advance.

Visitors receive emails and push notifications via the app with great deals and important information.

Arrival and entrance

Upon arrival, your visitors show their ticket/pass via the Venue app or present a printed e-ticket to gain access.

This can be via a self-service turnstile or an employee with a hand scanner.

It’s easy, fast and efficient.

Ordering food and drink

When your visitors feel peckish, they can order food and drinks via the app for pick-up at specific times and locations.


Picking up your order

Visitors can pick up their food and drinks in a fast track in seconds. Thus, they avoid wasting time in long queues.

The Venue app works smoothly with our checkout solution and payment terminals.

Thanks for visiting

After a great customer experience with you, visitors receive information that recreates their good memories and inspires them to come back soon.

Perhaps with an unmissable offer to reward their loyalty.

Organisation and management

The Venue platform allows you to automate workflows and processes, while data from users’ actions and purchases can be used to target campaigns.

Thus, you can design the user experience and run the activities as planned.


Tailor made

The system and its functions are adapted to your individual needs throughout.


Tried and tested

All systems are built extremely robustly, so they can handle heavy loads without problems.


A unified solution

All systems are fully integrated, providing access to and ownership of all data.


Your identity

The Venue app adapts to your visual identity, providing a consistent user experience.

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